This Page will be updated shortly for the QRC 50K and the "New" 100K race.  


1/30/2014  100k Course Description Update


Quicksilver Running Club is proud to finally announce the new 100K course for the May 10th event. We understand that you may have many questions and concerns about planning for this event. For example, “Will you have shuttle service, and will I need a headlamp to start the event in the dark?” Those answers are both yes. Other questions that you have concerning aid stations, directions, crew, training runs, the meaning of John Burton’s Tattoos, do any of the club members or volunteers wear underwear, will there be lobster again this year at the famous post race celebration, and other fun, creative event happenings will all be addressed in an upcoming 2014 race document. Until then, please look at the 2013 race document for the basics and stay tuned to here, Facebook, and other Social Media over the next few weeks as we finalize those ultra important details... and we might even tweak a few things on the course too.


Link to preliminary course - 

QRC 100K Press Release Registeration Information Quicksilver 100k Strava Route 2013 Quicksilver 50k / 50m Race Document
Join us for the 31st edition of the race on May 10, 2014 (registration opens Dec 1st, 2014)


The  50K and 100k races are run on scenic, hilly trails and fire roads. You will run through peaceful oak forests, wide-open meadows, and along ridges with spectacular views of the Santa Clara Valley and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Although the course is very challenging, the friendly aid stations and beautiful scenery make Quicksilver an excellent choice for a first trail ultra-marathon. The outstanding post-race barbecue is a fitting reward after you’ve met the challenge.

Be sure to check out the elevation profile, in addition to reading all the information below. Take a look at past years’ results to get a feel for typical times to finish the race. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the race or training for it.

Have a good training and see you on race day!




Volunteer Information
Volunteers are always needed on race day to help out at the aid stations and at the start/finish
area. There are a variety of jobs and hours are flexible. Volunteers get a T-shirt, lunch at the great post-race barbecue, and they are guaranteed a lot of fun and "thank-yous" from the runners.
If you or someone you know is interested, just email the RD.

Entry Information
You can register online here and pay by credit card. THERE IS NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION. Sign up early, as we limit the field to 330 runners.
Entry fees:


​- 50K: $95 ($110 after April 9)
- 100k: $125 ($140 after April 9)

As with most races, entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE as we incur expenses long before the race date. Goodies are guaranteed at check in only for those who register by April 9.

Where does your money go?
Quicksilver strives to be one of the “best runs for your buck”. We are a 100% volunteer, nonprofit organization. There are a lot of hours and no one gets paid. You can feel good as part of the proceeds go to charities and good causes. For example we fund schools to help them get sports equipments and foundations to keep parks open and
create more trails.

Quick Facts


- 25K: 2,300' elevation gain, high 1,200', low 500' (profile)

          course record holders: Gary Gellin 1:44:00, Rosemarie Lagunas  2:03:10 

- 50K: 5,540' elevation gain, high 1,700', low 360' (profile)

           course record holders: Leor Pantilat 3:30:10, Kami Semick 4:17:15

- 50M: 8,530' elevation gain, high 2,000', low 360' (profile)

           course record holders: Leor Pantilat 6:01:45, Ann Trason 6:45:56





Aid Stations

 Aid stations will have water, an electrolyte drink, coke, fruits, cookies, pretzels, chips, and candies. Some aid stations will have gels, potatoes and sandwiches. 

YOU SHOULD CARRY AT LEAST ONE WATER BOTTLE—the weather is often hot and it can be a long time between aid stations if you are moving slowly and out of water.

You can use this chart to follow the course on the park map.



Rajeev Patel, Race Director

Weather and Hazards
Normal starting temperatures are 45-60 degrees; afternoon temperatures can be anywhere from the 60s to the 90s. While the temps are normally moderate, it can feel very warm when it gets into the mid-70s. Rain is possible though not likely. Although we work very hard to keep the trail itself free of poison oak and tall grass, there is poison oak along the course. Be alert for rattlesnakes and ticks.

For your safety, we will have an EMT at the start/finish area and emergency kits at each aid station.

Number Pickup
Numbers and goodie bags may be picked up from 5:30pm to 8:30pm on Friday, May 9 (location tbd). It's a great way to avoid the rush of race day to get your goodies and bib.  Numbers can also be picked up at the starting area Saturday morning from 5:00 to 5:45am (50K/50M) and until 7:45am (25K).​

The parking lot at Mockingbird fills early on race day. THERE IS NO PARKING ON THE STREET ADJACENT TO THE MOCKINGBIRD PARKING LOT. Once the lot is full, cars will be directed to park on residential streets about 1/4 mile from the start area. It is about a 5-minute walk to the starting area from the residential parking area, so allow plenty of time in case you don’t get into the lot.

Drop Bags

TBD Start from Hacendia

1. Race numbers must be worn on the front so they are visible to checkpoint personnel.
2. Race numbers cannot be transferred to another runner.
3. Crew Access is still TBD. There is no other road access to the course, but observers
are welcome to run or hike into aid stations. No aid may be given outside of aid stations.
4. No pacers are allowed in the  50K. Runners in the 100k  may have pacers from TBD.
5. Trekking poles are not allowed on the Single Track trail. Therefore, you may wish to put
them with a drop bag
7. No ties will be allowed for awards.

Cut-Off Times​
There are no cut-off times for the 50K.
The following cut-off times for 100k runners will be strictly enforced (they will correspond to a pace of about 15 mn/mile):

 - TBD

Any runner who refuses to leave the course after missing a cut-off may be refused entry to the race in future years.

Dropping Out
We keep track of all runners, so if something should happen that makes it necessary for you to drop out of the race, GO TO THE SCORING TABLE AT THE FINISH LINE to let us know you have dropped. We do not have any reliable means of getting information from the aid stations, so it is your responsibility to let us know at the finish line that you have dropped. If we call search and rescue because we don’t know where you are, you will likely get a very large bill from the County for the search.

The Finish Celebration
The post-race barbecue will be held at the finish area beginning at about 11:00am. All finishers in the 50K and all who make the cut-offs out on the course and finish the 100k will receive finishers’ awards. Awards will be given to the overall male and female winners of each race (who will also receive their first place age group awards). Age group awards will be given to first and second female and male finishers in 29 and under, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and 60 and over age divisions.​