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Crew RULES: 



Crew Driving Instructions Please see Aid Station Document for Crew Accessible Aid Stations. Please drive safe on widing roads.

Hicks Road Aid Station (Mile 6.7 and 35.5) From Hacienda Parking Lot, Turn Right on Almaden Road. It immediately turns into Alamitos Road. Continue a few miles and Turn Right on Hicks Road. Stay on Hicks Road for about 5 miles until you come to Hicks Road Entrance to park on the right hand Side.  You will drive by the aid Station and park only a few yards away.


Bald Mountain Aid Station (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO HERE  or your runner will be DQ'd)


Kennedy Aid Station (Mile 18.9 and 29.6)   NO CAR ACCESS. However, you may access by foot only.  A 7 mile hike from Hicks Road or Lexington.


Lexington Aid Station (Mile 24.3) Now is a great time to take a quick nap or go get some breakfast and refill your coffee or tea.  The next accessible Aid Station is in Los Gatos at the North Eastern part of the course. If you parked in the Hicks Road Parking lot next to the aid station, then you will turn right (North) towrds Los Gatos. If you parked in the Sierra Azul Parking Lot (then you will go Left).. As you leave the Hicks Road Parkig lot,(North) the windy Hicks Road North towards Los Gatos. Go Left at Shannon Road. Then Go Left at Los Gatos Blvd. Go Right on Hwy 9. In a 1/4 mile you get on HWY 17 South towards Santa Cruz. Or, you can pass the freeway and in another 1/4 mile you can hang a left on to N. Santa Cruz and either hang out in beautiful downtown Los Gatos for a bit for breakfast. Or continue through town and get on the get on the freeway towards Santa Cruz. On HWY 17 South, take Bear Creek Road Exit and go right back over the bridge which will allow you to get directly back on the HWY 17 North. Stay in the right lane and exit at Alma Bridge Road / Lexington Reservoir. Continue for a mile or so unitl you see the aid station on the left. BE CAREFUL OF RUNNERS on the road for a 1/3 mile road connector.


Now you can go back to have lunch in Los Gatos or head over to Hicks Road A/S and maybe go for a hike. 


Hacienda A/S (Mile 39.5):  This is where the runners started and also the first cut-off point. We figured this would be a nice ponit to drop if runners still had cars there.


Mockingbird Lane A/S (Mile 42.5):  From Hacienda A/S, go left out the parking lot on Almaden Road. You will see the Mining Museum on the right for a quick stop. Your runner has a brutal

ly hot 3 mile climb and downhill to the next A/S. Continue 2+  miles to Mockingbird Lane. Go left and park in the parking lot. This is where the runners will be faced with another cut-off point. It is also the finish line at mile 62. We figured this would be a great place to tease the runner with the insane Post Race Celebration. We reccomend the Snow Cone Machine to get you back on the course.


Tina's Den A/S (Mile 53.3):  From Mockingbird Hill lane. Go back to Almaden Road and go left to Almaden Expressway. Take Almaden Expressway North to Camden Ave. Go left at Camden. Go Left at McAbee. Take McAbee past one stop sign to the dead-end-turn. You will see a closed green gate. Find parking in the neighborhood and walk 1/4 mile to next gate. There are port-a-potties there. Walk/hike/jog past the port-a-potties straight up Senador Mine Trail about 1 mile. Do not go left. This is the last cut-off for both races. Please have their light source and positive encouragement ready if they are close to the cut-off when they arrive.


Mockingbird (Mile 62): See you at the FINISH!