Greg Lanctot                          


Conceived in a Maserati south of the border. Born in a donut shop at gun point. Grew strong from the nipple of a tap handle and raised less than two miles from Almaden Quicksilver County Park, is your fearless leader. 


Becoming "El Presidente" of Quicksilver Running Club was  always a childhood dream of Greg's. He knew that attending nearby Castilllero Middle School and Bellarmine College Prep would provide him with all the knowledge of mining, snake wrangling, party planning, and trail mastery he needed as foundation to be the next great leader of Quicksilver.


Greg has a degree in Business Information Systems from the University of San Francisco. After a fun ride as a sales executive in the telecom and  dot-com industries, Lanctot decided to move on and go into the business of kids.


“Coach Greg” as he is known in the community, has worked with over 1,000 youth in one-on-one, small group, team sports, and large camp settings. He has additionally been the Varsity Head Boys Golf Coach at Galileo Academy of Science and Technology in San Francisco and the Varsity Boys Baseball Pitching Coach at Westmont High School in Campbell.


He Co-founded the San Francisco “Bay View – Hunter’s Point Jr. Giants Program” (boys and girls 5- 18 years old) and later recognized for his efforts as the nominating “Mentor of the Year” by the San Francisco Giants Community Fund in 2004.


From 2002 - 2007, Coach Greg was actively involved with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s “March Gladness” and “SF Family &Youth Connect” programs.


In 2007, Lanctot Co-founded FUZE Fit For a Kid! in Los Gatos. This was the first medically supervised multidisciplinary approach to youth development and management of lifestyles. Combined with Dr. Kris von Almen's Trim Kids Program and a state-of-the-art interactive exergaming facility, a vision became reality.


Today, he spends most time with overweight, autistic, and other social disorder clients.  Greg also coaches and mentors many different children & teenagers, obese to athletic, as well as their respective families of all backgrounds, and personal needs throughout Santa Clara County and the bay area.




Paul Fick                          

Vice President / Trail Liaison









Keith Lubliner                      







Amy Burton                     


I joined the informal Quicksilver Running Club in 2004 which happened to be my first year running ultras. It's no coincidence; I had met and trained with teammate, Kristina Irvin who introduced me to long distance trail running and several other Quicksilver members. Their stories, shared over the course of 2, 3, 6 hour runs inspired and motivated me to take the leap and sign up for my first 50K race. About two years after having my son I committed to running on the Quicksilver Racing Team. Being part of the team has given my training and racing more purpose. It is so much fun to participate in races where there will be 5, 10, 20 other teammates running and giving one another big smiles and encouragement along the trail.





Lisa Hughey                          

Web Master





Loren Lewis                      

Co-Captain Ultra Running Team

I have a graduate degree in politics, which makes me uniquely qualified to formulate rules that are easy to follow but seldom apply to myself.  I work in high tech so I can afford to live here.  In my first year of ultra racing, I ran the Toshi Double -- proof that will wander around outdoors for several hours with minimal prompting.  I have three catsand like to go on vacation.





Guy Herr                      

Member at Large,  RD Quicksilver Trail Challenge





Kristina Irvin                      

WSER, Duncan Canyon Aid Station Captain






Rajeev Patel                      

Director of Races, RD Quicksilver 50K/100K


2014 Board of Directors