Welcome new or interested Quicksilver Club Members


This page is intended to help the new Quicksilver Running club member get up to speed with our club. If you don't see the information you are looking for in the FAQ below, please email the web master                                 with your question, giving some details to help address your specific question.


Question: What Runs Are Available To Me?

ALL RUNS ARE OPEN TO ALL PEOPLE; however, as people have different capabilities, experience etc. one should be practical about selecting specific runs.  The bottom line is that we all run for different reasons, and it is great to be out there, have fun and meet people.   Although we are called the Quicksilver Running Club, and that is where our roots are and where the majority of our more recent members live, we also have active members as far as Sacramento, San Francisco, and the East Bay etc… which is good because we run in other places with other club members.


As a club we tend to have a regular Sunday run from the McAbee entrance starting at 7:00am, of various distances and paces, so groups break up accordingly.  Note, sometimes people have races, but there is usually something posted on our FaceBook Page.  If you have any questions about these runs, it is suggested that you get in touch with the contact person listed on the webpage for the run to get more information.  There are also track workouts that several club members attend, but again these are in several locations, e.g. Los Gatos High School, Foothill High School, Leyland High School, etc.  You are encouraged to try joining in any of these events, even if they seem they might not be for you, you might just find you really enjoy the running and camaraderie.  By far the majority of the group runs that our Quicksilver Running Club do are smaller, informal groups, as we tend to be trail orientated; as opposed to track.  There are many, many of these runs every week, but since these groups are made up of friends, running partners and/or people with similar running schedules, we do not post information about these runs on the website. The best way to get involved with these runs is to meet other members and find out about runs from them, or set-up new runs with the people you meet.   Another way to find group runs is to post on the Quicksilver FaceBook page to either find an existing group run or find training partners to set-up a new run. People seem to have success with this.  See the question below, "How do I meet other members?" for ideas on how to do this.


Question: How do I meet other members?

Get involved with the club! Go to the weekly runs, track workouts, and if these do not fit your schedule, post on FaceBook and ask “Does anyone want to get together for a run this weekend?”

Become Friends on FaceBook with other club members, and one often sees what they are up to.  Social events; the club hosts many events for members and others e.g. weekly runs and races are social events, Fat Ass (informal, self-supported runs) and our club hosts three per year, races, and award dinners, Christmas runs, volunteer; help put on a race or event to strengthen our club, take on a leadership role.  Board Meetings are open to all members… there are so many ways to get involved… just get involved.  You are sure to meet many other runners this way and find some great groups to run and hang out with.


Question: What about Racing?

We have two race teams in our clu.  Further information can be found on the appropriate the QRC Race Team pages 


Our successful QRC Ultra Racin Team, mainly focused on the Pacific Association USATF Grand Prix Series – but again this is open to all, and please contact the Race Team Director(s) for further information.   We have some very experienced runners in our club that are always willing to help with any questions you might have.  This type of activity also turns into a social event as club members car-pool, camp, drink beer etc…. and it is applicable to all levels and abilities.  Just show up, even to volunteer, you will become addicted.

Additonally we are establishing a QRC Youth Race Team, that is also affiliated with the PA/USATF, and there is more informaton on the Youth Race Team page

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