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Crew Driving Instructions

  • Please see Aid Station Chart for Crew Accessible Aid Stations.
  • Please drive safely on winding roads.
  • Please do not park illegally! This is the park rangers’ number one complaint and the biggest risk to receiving permits for future races. Rangers will issue parking tickets.

The directions to the aid station can be pretty lengthy, and in reality most of you will just be following your GPS anyway, so here are quick links to where you’re going and a brief notes about each.

Hicks Road Aid Station:



At the top of Hicks Road you will reach a junction with a stop sign. The Sierra Azul trail head and parking area is to your left and the Hicks Road entrance to Quicksilver Park is to your right.  You can park in either location. The aid station is at the far end of the Quicksilver Park parking lot.

Wood Road Aid Station: It may be called Wood Road, but it is a fire road with NO CAR ACCESS. However, if you are up for a strenuous hike or mountain bike ride, you may access it by foot. It’s about 6.5 miles from Hicks Road or 5.5 miles from Kennedy Road or the Lexington A/S. Please refer to the Course Description section of this document or the turn-by-turn directions on the website for specific directions.

 Lexington Aid Station:



Getting to the Lexington Aid Station is a bit of a long haul, but it’s even longer for the runners, so you should have plenty of time if driving. As you are driving around the reservoir, PLEASE BE CAREFUL of runners and cyclists (and even the occasional equestrian) on the road. 

Kennedy Road A/S:



When driving on Kennedy Road, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. It is moderately narrow, twisty, and popular with cyclists. There is a tiny dirt parking lot at the trail head which will probably be occupied by aid station volunteers. Please do not attempt to shoe-horn into the lot, even for a brief time, as you will be blocking the fire access gate, and this is frowned upon mightily. There is a substantial amount of curbside parking along Top of the Hill Road, which is just across the street from the trail head. This aid station is the first mid-race cutoff.

Hacienda A/S:


Notes: This is where the race started, and is also a mid-race time cut off.

Mockingbird Lane A/S:



Although there is a sizeable paved parking lot at Mockingbird, there is a good chance that it will be full. If that is the case, please drive back down Mockingbird Hill Lane and park in the residential neighborhood nearby. We will have a parking attendant to assist you if there are any spots available in the lot. Please do not double park or park anywhere that is not marked as a parking spot. The park rangers do patrol this area and have issued tickets in the past. Additionally, it causes problems for our parking shuttle and any emergency response vehicles. If an empty parking spot is “coned off”, please do not move the cones so that you can park there. That spot is being held for important race vehicles to load aid station supplies. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and helps us ensure that we are allowed to continue putting on this race in the future!


McAbee A/S



The McAbee entrance to Quicksilver Park is one of the most popular entrances. The locals tend to arrive early in the mornings, so the crowds shouldn’t be too bad when the runners are coming through. You should park in the residential neighborhood near the park entrance.

At the park entrance is a closed green gate to keep the cars out. Walk about a quarter mile past this gate to another gate, which is likely swung open. There are porta potties and a picnic bench there. Continue straight past the porta potties on the Senador Mine Trail for about a quarter mile to the aid station. This aid station is the final mid-race time cutoff.

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