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Turn-by-Turn Directions

Highlights of the 100K Course.


  • Elevation Gain 13,000+” of Elevation Gain
  • Start Location (Hacienda Entrance in New Almaden).
  • Same Finish Location (Mockingbird Hill Ln Entrance)
  • 50K course, follows 100K course this year with ONE course modification
  • Modification will occur near Mine Hill/New Almaden/Guadalupe

0.0M Start – Deepest Part of Parking Lot Near Deep Gulch Trail)

L – Mine Hill Trail

L – English Camp Trail

R - at Church Hill (Course Monitor) Around New Almaden Corporation Building (¼ M Loop)

R – in front of Flag Pole on Castillero Trail (Same Course Monitor)

L - Mine Hill Trail

L - San Cristobal Mine Detour – Touch Monument (Or go in old mine shaft for fun)

L - Mine Hill Trail

L - Castillero Trail

L – Two Rock “no name trail” (¼ Mile Detour w/ Course Monitor)

L - Castillero Trail

R- Wood Road Trail

L- Hidalgo Cemetery Trail

R - Hidalgo Cemetery Trail Loop “Around” Cemetery (Please respect the souls of the Deceased)

R - Back up Hidalgo Cemetery Trail

L - Yellow Kid Trail (Course Monitor)

L - Wood Road Trail

Arrive at Hicks Road A/S

Continue to Woods Trail (via Hicks Road Crossing (Course Monitor / Road Safety) Enter Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve via Woods Trail

L - Barlow Road Trail (Course Monitor)

L - Mt Umunhum Road (Asphalt for 4/10 mile through gate to A/S)

Arrive at Bald Mtn A/S

R - Bald Mtn Trail (do 1.4M Lollipop Loop and return to Aid Station and on to Kennedy A/S)

L - Mt Umunhum Rd (Through Gate)

R - Barlow Road Trail

L - Woods Trail (Revisit Course Monitor)

Arrive at Kennedy Trail A/S (End Woods Trail)

L - Begin Limekiln Trail (Woods to Limekiln Transfer)

Straight – Cross Over Priest Rock Trail and Continue down Limekiln

L – Alma Bridge Road (1/3M asphalt road transfer with Road Monitor)

Arrive at Lexington A/S

The Hardest Segment of the Course

L – Priest Rock Trail (AKA “Overgrown”)

Straight – Cross over Limekiln and continue up Priest Rock Trail (AKA “Dog Meat”)

R – Kennedy Trail (AKA Dead Kennedy Rollers)

Arrive at Kennedy-2 A/S

L – Woods Road Trail

Straight – Cross over Hicks Rd (Course Monitor)

Arrive at Hicks Rd-2 Aid Station

Return on Wood Road Trail into Quicksilver Park

R - Yellow Kid Trail (Continue past Course Monitor)

R – English Camp Trail (Stay Right of Flag Pole and Course Monitor)

R - Deep Gulch

L - into Parking Lot (Stay left and continue past outdoor mining museum) Continue through parking access road to Hacienda A/S 

Arrive at Hacienda A/S

Return to Mine Hill Trail

R – Hacienda Trail

R – Viril O. Norton Trail

Arrive at Mockingbird Hill Lane A/S

R – Viril O. Norton 100 Yards

L – New Almaden Trail (Cross over Hacienda Trail)

L – Buena Vista Trail

L – Randol Trail (100 yards up slight hill and Veer left on grassy area LEFT of old Buena Vista mine shafts)

L – Buena Vista Tailings Scramble (1/4 Mile of fun!)

L – Randol Trail

R – Day Tunnel Trail

R – Great Eastern Trail

R – April Trail

R – Mine Hill Trail to Aid Station

Arrive at Bull Run - 1 A/S (Formerly Mine Hill A/S)

L – Mine Hill Trail for 75 yards

R – Catherine Tunnel (Lollipop Loop w/ Course Monitor)

R – Mine Hill Trail

R – Prospect 3 Trail (Continue pass/over Randol Trail)

L – New Almaden Trail (NAT) to NAT/Guadalupe/Mine Hill Int.)

R – ***** Mine Hill (course Monitor)

L – Senador Mine Trail

R – Guadalupe Trail

Arrive at Tina’s Den A/S

***** Course Modification as 50K’ers go Left on Guadalupe Trail. 50K/100K runners will meet at Tina’s Den A/S.

R – Continue west on Guadalupe Trail

R – Mine Hill Trail (Guadalupe turns into Mine Hill Trail)

R – Providencia Trail

R – Enriquita (Pass Pond and stay to right continue down technical and overgrown trail to Aid Station)

Arrive at Enriquita A/S

L – Enriquita Trail back up to Providencia Trail

R – Providencia Trail (Not left where you came from originally)

R – Mine Hill Trail (Do not go back down Prospect on your way to the next Aid Station

R – Bull Run Service Trail to Aid Station

Arrive at Bull Run – 2 A/S

R – Castillero Trail (Stay on Castillero Trail @ Wood Road Trail and Stay to the left of Flag Pole when Entering English Town with Course Monitor)

R – Mine Hill (Cross Intersection of Mine hill / Randol / Capehorn)

L – Capehorn Pass Trail

L – Hacienda Trail (All the way to Finish)

Finish Line - Arrive at Mockingbird Hill Lane – Chez Darce Bar & Grill

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